About us

In 1983, we at ILLUX opened our doors in Perugia and immediately wanted to distinguish ourselves for the choice of bringing the major Italian and European brands in the lighting world to the Umbrian market.

In the 90s, we changed headquarters and moved to Miralduolo di Torgiano, continuing to become more and more famous.

With over thirty years of experience, we are known not only in Umbria, but also outside. To date, as ILLUX we are one of the most important lighting companies in the sector, this has been made possible by our founders who have made Professionalism, Reliability and Fairness the founding values and guidelines of the company.
The central goal remains customer satisfaction every day, which is not only the individual private individual, but also the professional, architects or engineers, who need design assistance and after-sales assistance. In fact, our Illux staff is highly qualified in lighting and technical terms.

With ILLUX we are always and always looking for new technologies and solutions to be proposed in projects, because we do not limit ourselves only to sales, but we want to strengthen our skills.
Therefore we are: FORWARD LIGHT YEARS!!!

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