Lighting specialists

We at ILLUX are lighting specialists.
Since we opened our first store in Perugia in 1983, we have immediately wanted to introduce the great Italian and European lighting names to the Umbrian market. We not only deal with the sale of lighting fixtures, but also with pre and post sales assistance. This has allowed us to become a point of reference in Umbria, but also outside.
Our team is highly qualified, because it is important for us to be able to propose solutions suited to both the budget and the needs of our customers.
ILLUX is one of the main Umbrian lighting companies because we have made Seriousness, Professionalism and Correctness the path of our work.



Our trained and competent team guides the customer in the selection of lighting fixtures. When necessary, it carries out instant lighting checks to be certain of the choice made.
The internal lighting office assists the designer on site. It carries out inspections and develops a technical study in perfect harmony with the spaces and structures that will contain the lighting bodies.
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For thirty years now, as ILLUX, we have been operating in the lighting industry and working with the best brands. Our success stems from having used professionalism, seriousness and fairness as a foundation. We respect these three principles day after day.
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Our precise and detailed Showroom exhibits, in its 1000 square meters, all the best lighting brands. The exhibition is meticulously organized by type and designed in such a way as to show the lighting power of each body.
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We work with architects and engineers to carry out lighting projects.